CAUGWA Luncheon 2012

Friday 30 Nov 2012

CAUGWA Luncheon


For the past 14 years the Chief Architect User Group (CAUGWA) has been meeting in Perth Western Australia as a self-help group to develop expertise in using the Chief Architect Design and Drawing software. Starting from version 4 we have developed to the current iteration of version 15. Those of us that use the program love it and have grown along with its development. It is basically a simple object orientated package that is inexpensive compared to what it competes with and again by comparison is relatively easy to learn.


There is nothing in the domestic housing market that cannot be modelled with this software. Its features are rich and extensive. From the Working Drawing perspective the program has developed now to a point where very detailed Working Drawings can be produced easily and quickly from the 3D model. All the required schedules and requirements can be developed virtually automatically. The latest version brings with it a wonderful internal ray tracing system that give virtual photographic quality images when the right textures are applied. This is done with all the correct shadowing and lighting if it’s required. Walk throughs and Virtual Reality Modelling are standard.



On Wednesday the 28th of November we had our annual Xmas Luncheon at the Atrium Restaurant in the Burswood Entertainment Complex. We have been going to the same venue now for 5 years. We used to try different restaurants every Xmas but with some members requiring special diets and requirements the Xmas smorgasbord at the Atrium is hard to beat. Every person takes home a gift of 2 bottles of wine and some of our number stay on to gamble with the vouchers that are given out to everyone on the day.


We always have good numbers attending the luncheon as it is a very popular and relaxed affair with plenty of movement up and down to get food, which in turn provides a great opportunity to catch up and talk with everyone. They are very special days. The photo above shows the good cheer being enjoyed.  The photo at the side shows Heidi and Marie sharing a pleasant moment in time