2012 BDAWA Awards Night

Monday 22 Oct 2012

Last Saturday night Heidi and I attended the Building Designers of WA (BSWA) 2012 Building Design Awards night. It was held at the University of WA Club facilities and it was a truly memorable night. As a BDA member one knows that when you enter your work into completion like this, it will be judged against work of the highest calibre.  I was asked to be part of this year’s judging panel, and true to form, this year’s offerings were truly exceptional.  The design excellence award went to Dane Richardson for a house at Yallingup. Click here to see it along with all the winners on the BDAWA web site.


The night had an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. The White Rabbit and Alice joined us for cocktails and drinks on the terrace but they seemed in a continual state of confusion trying to find each other, but they knew they had a party to attend! The White Rabbit helped us into the auditorium for the awards presentation where the Mad Hatter appeared and took over the proceedings. He was very mad and said very confusing things but somehow managed to convey the brilliance along with the compelling excellence to be seen in all of the entries. The Mad Hatter and the sponsors did a great job presenting the awards to the bemused recipients.




The Mad Hatter quickly moved us into the under-ground where Rochelle and Aleshia had worked their magic to turn it into a sparkling ballroom with a 6 piece band that was playing music that moved and swayed, adjusting in just the right way for the different moods of the night. The whole space was illuminated with lighting that would make Michael Jackson jealous and the room along with the table’s so gorgeously decorated with the night’s theme that we all forgot we were in Perth.


The food and drink flowed and the Mad Hatter looked after our every need. With the appearance of the chocolate fountain it was time for dancing, and the floor was full. The night finished at around 12:15pm with a few diehards still mixing it with the Mad Hatter on the dance floor. Rochelle and Aleshia are the heart and soul of these awards nights and this has been so now for so many years. Every year they get better and every year the entries go to a higher standard. It makes you very proud to be part of the BDAWA.